Truckmate® produced its first PVC mudflap in 1983 and continues to supply most of the biggest names in the Australian trucking industry.

Our customers keep using our quality products because we have the best performing mudflaps in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Manufactured fully in-house in Sydney Australia from premium raw materials – Truckmate’s quality PVC mudflaps have been trusted to go the distance on hundreds of thousands of trucks across the country and overseas.

All of our monogrammed and universal mudflaps are injection moulded from UV-stabilised flexible polyvinyl compound (PVC) which is 100% recyclable. They are available in standard industry sizes to suit all types of transport vehicles.

Rigid anti-spray mudflaps and raw sheet, meets all other small truck and truck-trailer applications.

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Monogrammed mudflaps made-to-order with your branding – in your corporate colours!

Set on plain back mudflaps or anti-spray mudflaps, our monogrammed mudflaps can be customised with your logo, text and border raised and printed with one or more colours.



Non-flexible 3mm white polyethylene sheet mudflap with a patented black anti-spray backing, “with logo” and “without logo”.


Zinc plated 8mm frame with 2-bolt mounting point to support and stabilise mudflaps and prevent excessive movement